My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California

The lease in question seems to be a fairly standard copy and says that it is Copyright of the CA Association of Realtors. Maybe someone here has experience with this?

I am in need of leaving my lease several months early. The lease states:

"BREACH OF CONTRACT; EARLY TERMINATION: In addition to any obligations established by paragraph 28 [detailing rental condition, etc.], in the event of termination by Tenant prior to completion of the original term of the Agreement, Tenant shall also be responsible for lost Rent, rental commissions, advertising expenses and painting costs necessary to ready Premises for re-rental. Landlord may withold any such amounts from Tenant's security deposit."

Now, does this mean that the amount they can collect is limited to the security deposit, or can the rental agency come after me for further payment? I have given them notification twice now (with well over 30 days before our move-out) by e-mail with no response. I also plan to include a typed and signed copy with this month's rent check.

I am hoping someone can clarify this for me so that I can get on with my moving plans. Thanks in advance!