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    Default Criminal Charges Against 18-Year-Old Green Card Holder

    This is in NY Upstate

    My son who is a great kid - he is 18, went out the other night and two other kids 15 years old took a snow mobile without the owners consent and rode it with him:

    I have always taught him high standards and morals and he has not been in trouble before and without apportioning blame, he just was in the wrong place at the wrong time and subsequently got charged with Grand Larceny in the 4th and Criminal Mischief in the 3rd:

    I am worried sick - he is a green card holder - permanent resident of the USA without condition but I know there are conditions that they could deport or start deport proceedings in cases where permanent residents commit offences of certain nature - can they?

    However I had to bail him out - such a traumatic time last night at 3am, and had to pay $1000 for each offense - Total $2000:

    He is set to appear on Thursday next week 1/8/09 in Court at 9am and then the same day for the other charge in another court at 10-30am - how he can be on time at both I do not know:

    I have no lawyer and do not know how the process works, and I cannot afford thousands of dollars for a Lawyer right now.

    Someone said I get my bail money back on Thursday but I have read maybe not until the end of the case?

    I really am at a loss what to do with no resources or advice - I want it finished with and how would I plea bargain?..on the day with the DA?
    How would I get the charges reduced or would I plead not guilty for him?

    I am worried sick and have nowhere to turn.....I am sorry to have to ask....

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    Default Re: Criminal Charges Against 18-Year-Old Green Card Holder

    Without knowing the charge I can't tell you if it's a deportable offense, so for now you should assume that it is and you should help your son find a lawyer who is well-versed in both criminal defense and immigration law.

    You should not expect to get your bond money back until the case is resolved, although there are circumstances when it could happen sooner (e.g., a bond reduction is granted; something that more typically happens when a defendant hasn't posted bond).

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