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    Default Bankruptcy and Income Tax Return

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Washington State.

    My question about income tax return and filling a bankruptcy.

    Me and my wife both work and she makes more money than I, but I am the one
    filing for a bankruptcy.

    Should we file our income tax return married but separately?

    I don't what what the Washington state law/bankruptcy law would allow us to do..

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    Default Re: Bankruptcy and Income Tax Return

    You should file taxes just as you normally do. The bankruptcy court doesn't care how you file. Consult a tax preparer if you like.

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    Default Re: Bankruptcy and Income Tax Return

    in Bk there is only 2 reason why the debtor should file jointly

    if you have a co- debtor meaning if you borrowed money and signed by you and the other person.

    or if you file your taxes joint you are more better of to file jointly so the creditors cant come after your wife.

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