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    Default Pre-Trial Conference/Mediation for a Medical Bill

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Florida

    Today I was served with papers for a Pre-Trial/Mediation for a medical bill from an emergency room visit for a migraine headache back in 2006. The original bill was around $4000 and I made payments until I had financial problems and could no longer pay. I owe about $1900 and I was wondering what exactly will happen at this "mediation". I am currently working, but have defaulted on my mortgage and have a small amount of money saved for moving expenses. Will they take this to pay for the medical bill or will they garnish my wages? I am already struggling as it is.

    Also, how much are court costs and interest? And if the court demands that I pay this, would bankruptcy cover this?

    I am not trying to avoid this bill but I did (and still do) believe the amount for this visit to the ER is extremely high for a headache in which I was given a shot for and sent home.

    Thank you in advance for any insight as to what is about to happen.

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    Default Re: Pre-Trial Conference/Mediation for a Medical Bill

    The part you're leaving out is where you were sued?

    A pretrial is a scheduling hearing for a lawsuit. I expect that the mediation will be an effort to resolve the claim by way of settlement, such that a judgment can be entered and no further litigation will be required.

    This is the type of debt that is dischargeable in bankruptcy, if you otherwise qualify for bankruptcy. I would not suggest bankruptcy, though, if your total dischargeable debt load is merely $1,900. If the issue is trying to stay in your house, talk to a bankruptcy lawyer ASAP.

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    Default Re: Pre-Trial Conference/Mediation for a Medical Bill

    I am in Florida. No, $1900 is not the only debt I have. I would not file for bankruptcy only due to that. I will have to file bankruptcy once the house is foreclosed on and if they then try to collect the difference. I was only concerned with this debt because my other creditors have worked with me on payment plans, but this one has decided to take me to court and I won't be able to make my other commitments if they can garnish my wages to pay this debt.

    Also, do you know how much court costs and interest on this amount will be?

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