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    Default Advice on Ending an Abusive Marriage, the Couple is from China

    My question involves divorce in the State of: New Mexico. I have befriended a young chinese woman, who is in an abusived marraiage. She wants to leave this man (they are both Chinese citizens) however he threatens to have her deported back to China. What are the steps she needs to follow to stay here legally and get out of this horriable relationship. Her and her husband have only been in the states for 2 years, he is a student at the university and there is also a young child involved. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.
    Help in NM

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    Default Re: Advice on Ending an Abusive Marriage, the Couple is from China

    Contact the local abuse shelter, they can help her both safety for her and her child and legal help. Its very common for abusers to threaten the ones they are abusing. She doesnt' have to live this way.

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    Default Re: Advice on Ending an Abusive Marriage, the Couple is from China

    If the husband is a legal permanent resident (Green Card holder), she may be able to secure permanent residency in her own right under the Violence Against Women Act. (Details here.)

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    Default Re: Advice on Ending an Abusive Marriage, the Couple is from China

    She has to do it through the shelter. Any abuse should be documented because she'll have to prove it. In case if she still haven't got her permanent gren card, she'll be able to file form I-360. It's better to do everything through the shelter, they'll provide legal help, and it will be very handy to have the record from the shelter when it comes to proving the actual abuse which is not easy. Advise her to start a diary where she'd write down any abusive thing he does to her along with the short description and dates. Hide it to make sure he does not find. In case he gets physically abusive, call 911 immediately. And gather proofs of his abusive behavior.

    Jeez... what these guys are thinking about?

    Yep, and right now she should be worried about providing safe environment for her child prior than anything else.

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