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    Default Workmans Comp Settlement

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of utah, I broke my hand at work in august . After being seen at a quick care clinic and never seeing the same doctor more than once on follow ups, I requested a referral to a specialist and was twice refused. After being put through numerous treatments I was finally referred. The specialist then informed me that I had been misdiagnosed. Only one previous doctor had said my hand had been broken, others ranged from a sprain to deep tissue bruise to tendonitis. I am now facing surgery, I have to have a screw inserted and a ligament was severed, I will never regain full use of my hand. This is my right hand and I am of course right handed. I am a certified Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning specialist. This is my life. Before I was injured I was working 50 -plus hours a week at 17.50 and hour for regular week and 26.75 for any over 40. I would like to know how to request a settlement without risking my job.
    Thank you for the advice. Erik W. Mendenhall, Roy UT

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    Default Re: Workmans Comp Settlement

    Some insurance companies require that you quit your job as part of a settlement.

    If you haven't even had your surgery, and don't know the extent of any residual impairment, it's premature to be guessing about settlements.

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