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    Default Misdemeanor Arrest Warrants in Washington

    My question involves an arrest warrant from the State of: Washington.

    I have two arrest warrants, both misdemeanor charges. They were both driving with suspended (gross misdemeanors) and I didnt do the work release for it so it says failure to sign up for work release. Ive had these warrants for about 9 months. My question is: if im in southern california and for some reason get my name ran by a cop, am i going to be held on them or will they not care? I dont think im in the ncic because ive been able to fly just fine. And is there a way to find out if the warrants are extraditable. I really dont want any hate messages about me being irresponsible or anything. Im really just looking for the facts. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Misdemeanor Arrest Warrants in Washington

    Yes, they could show up and trust me, they'll care. Also, you're being able to fly has nothing to do with this matter.

    Chances of you being extradicted are slim, but they do exist and you could find yourself in jail until a determination is made. If you are pulled over and the warrants come to light, at the very least you could lose your license until the matter is cleared up.

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