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    Smile Flying International With Arrest Warrants

    I have seen a lot of questions on here about flying internationally with arrest warrants and getting a passport with a warrant. I thought that I would post my story to maybe answer to some questions;

    I had a felony arrest warrant out of Missouri - for bad checks. Bad checks that I had written 10 years before - so it's true - the warrants and checks do not go away!

    I did get a passport with NO problem at all.

    I traveled out of the country and was gone for two weeks. When I flew home - through Chicago Ohara airport - Customs agents were at the door of the plane checking everyones passports as they were getting off.

    I was arrested for the warrant - and want to mention that I was treated very well by Customs. They told me what the warrant was for and that it had come up when they checked the flight manifest (which I was told they check each and every single person flying into the country).

    I was turned over to Cook County Jail and processed through their system - which was HORRIBLE! To make it worse - when you are arrested in one state for a felony - the state which you have the warrant out for has 30 Days to come and get you. You can't bond out either - you are stuck there!

    Lucky for me I had a friend who called and made arrangements for me to be released. The checks have been paid for and I am all good now.

    My advice for anyone in this situation - take care of it - don't learn the hard way like I did!

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    Default Re: Flying International With Arrest Warrants

    Is there a question in here somewhere?

    Of course people who arrive into the USA will have their names checked for anything outstanding.

    I am glad that you where able to clear up your problem, however, you should have dont it before you where arrested.

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