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    Default Previously Developed Domain Name

    Hello all,

    I have a situation where I purchased a domain name about 8 years ago. It was an abandoned domain that was informational, with no product to purchase. Nor did it offer advertising through the site. This site was basically a list of links that were reviewed by the original owner.

    Can I now develop this domain into exactly the same subject as the original? I'm not using their previous information at all to construct the information nor stealing their original content. I tried a search on the USTPO site and I didn't see a registered trademark for the name or the site.


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    Default Re: Previously Developed Domain Name

    There are other possible trademarks - state, or trademarks in other nations - we wouldn't have any way of knowing without more information. Is the URL somehow unique (e.g., "Google") or original as applied to the subject matter (e.g., Yahoo! or Amazon)?

    Odds are, you'll be fine developing a site using the same subject and your original information.

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