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    Default Automobile Title

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Maryland

    I purchased a new car in Maryland back in 1986. Moved to Indiana in 1995. I have had the car evere since. I miss placed the title and the release of lien letter (paid this car off in 1989 or 1990). I am wanting to sell the car now but when I went to the license branch they show a lien still exsisting. They told me to contact the bank thriugh which I bought the car. HER IS THE PROBLEM...the bank is out of business! There are no contact #'s. How do I resolve this so that I can sell the car? Can I get a salvage title or any other suggestions on how to proceed?

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    Default Re: Automobile Title

    The bank is out of business in what sense? Odds are they were acquired by another bank, and that bank may have the old records.

    If worst comes to worst, you'll have to go to court to get an order indicating that there is no lien. That could be an unduly cumbersome, potentially expensive process, so if you can find a successor bank you'll be much better off.

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