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    Unhappy Advice On Joint Care Custody of My Daughter

    In the State of Kentucky. Ok so basically I'm at the end of the rope here holding on and I'm fixing to fall flat on my face! I can't seem to get anything to go right for me and I'm to the breaking point. I'll try to make this short but lets be serious when are these short? I'm 23 and I'm attempting to get Joint Care custody of my beautiful Daughter who's not even a year old. The Mother and I were never married and early on were having trust issues so basically we didn't work out. But little did I know that her and her family are completely heartless and crazy. To sum it up The Mother is Bi-polar and draws an SSI check from the Government and after we didn't work out she decides to file an EPO out on me with false allegations. Now the big picture here to see is that most of this is done from her family she has no ability it seems to make her own decisions so her family basically talks her into doing these things to me. Cause the first EPO got dropped due to the Mother being late on purpose cause she said her family got her to do it. Now this is just the first incident. The first one got dropped then she goes and files another one on me with more false allegations cause I decided to not be with her after the first one. So here we go again this time Social services get involved and cause me to not see my daughter for weeks! So after being out money already due to the first EPO I finally wise up and tell my lawyer that I want to file for custody. At this point I was lost cause I was angered so at first I was saying I wanted Full custody. Cause the mother is bi-polar plus she drinks a lot and is only 20 and she mainly lets her family do all the watching of our Child plus there‘s plenty more but I would be here forever if I listed everything. After I had a chance to cool off I realized that even to know I did want Full custody I do work full time Mon through Friday and me and the mother did share an Apt together so after these EPO’s were filed I was then having to live with family until I could get back on my feet. So then I finally decided on Joint Care custody with the mother having primary physical custody. Well after our first court appearance I was granted only Saturdays for three hours and me and the mother agreed on a stay away order that basically says we will talk only about the our child with each other and stay away from one another until we go back to court to face off for custody. So here I am dieing to see my Daughter and every time she seems me on Saturdays her eyes light up and it’s a sight to see let me tell ya. All her family is trying to do is make me look bad and drag me down they don’t want me or my family involved at all and its killing me. What drove me here tonight was I ended up around the Mother in person cause I was buying my daughter diapers well she has a letter in her hand from her lawyer and it states that My lawyer wasn’t trying to get custody just simple visitation with child support involved!!! What!! Are you kidding me I’m paying this guy big time and hoping for the best and this is what I’m getting? I try calling his office I get nothing I’m lost and I don’t know what to do. I see its obvious I should get another lawyer if in fact he isn’t doing what I desire once I call tomorrow and find out but any and all advice is helpful thank You.

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    Default Re: Advice On Joint Care Custody of My Daughter

    You told your lawyer that you wanted mom to have primary physical custody, and thus that she would be the primary custodial parent and that you would have a visitation schedule. Why does it surprise you that your lawyer communicated your wishes to opposing counsel in the process of negotiating an outcome that you agreed to?

    If you aren't communicating well with your lawyer, schedule a meeting or phone call to review your case, or consider switching law firms.

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