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    Default Drug Paraphernalia in Pennsylvania

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Pennsylvania

    On Saturday I was DJing in my friends dorm room when his fog machine set the fire alarm off. Everyone evacuated the building, and upon re-entering the building, found cops in the room. Everything was fine till they spotted a spoof that belonged to one of the roommates. Because of this they did a search that resulted in them finding alcohol, a bong, a scale, and baggies. The scale was mine(and said so to the cop), but has been in their room for the most part of the semester, where anyone is free to use it. I had originally brought it from home as a just in case type of situation, and had brought it to some of my first physics labs. After class it isnt uncommon for me to leave my belongings in their room, as I am there quite often. It is likely the scale has trace, since my friends roommates smoke it seemingly every day in the bathroom. What should I do in this case? We (me and the four people who live in the room) are set to meet with a investigator sometime this week.

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    Default Re: Drug Paraphernalia in Pennsylvania


    You might want to get yourself an attorney.

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