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    Default Trespassing Charge from Neighbor

    I have a neighbor who doenst like anybody, especially my family touching her property. she even thinks her property goes into the street. we are not even allowed to put our trash near her street property line. Anyway, we live on a cul-de-sac and whenever the kids are playing and a ball goes on her grass she has a fit, gets her video camera out and starts swearing at everyone. she says we are ruining her property. (a bit of a stretch). anyway my son and a friend were out there throwing a football (they are eighteen) and the ball crossed onto her yard and my sons friend stepped on her grass to get it. She came out screaming and told my son she was going to the police department to press charges against him since his friend is his guest and he stepped on her property? she left a little while later, sure she was heading for the police dept. what can she really do? who can she charge? what can she charge ? and what can the outcome be? Its been a couple hours and the police havent come, her husband did call but I didnt answer the phone. What is your take on this? She has been "watching" my family like a hawk for two years now and even makes things up to the police to have them come. (she told them we shot bb guns at her house, not true, that we chalked up her yard, when we played in the street ) She is like this with the whole cul-de-sac but more so with my family. Please give me some inputs as what i can do, expect and how to handle her.


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    Default Stay Off Her Lawn

    The obvious? Stay off her lawn.

    The odds of the police taking any interest in a minor intrusion to collect a stray football? Pretty darn remote. If she actually is making police reports about this type of incident on a regular basis, they're probably "humoring her" but otherwise regarding her as a nut case.

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