My question involves defamation in the state of: WI

So a few years ago I had taken an interest in a young woman I worked with. Long story short, after I got to know her personality, some pretty big warning signs stuck out to me, and it got to the point where I had to pretty much avoid her, and I told her to "forget about me." Well, after about a week, she couldn't stand it anymore. She went around telling people at work that I had "rejected" her, which was pretty much the case, but I had clarified that her dishonesty was unacceptable, so it's not like I just played with her, which is what she probably thought. Then, after coming over to talk to me on Valentine's day, and other things to get my attention back, she gave up and out of the blue started telling not just random coworkers, but the most ostentatious, crude and loudmouthed guys around, which attests to the reputation slandering, that I had diminutive genitalia, for a more appropriate term, despite never finding out if this is true or not, which is false, according to studies. I even heard her say this to somebody in first person one day. Obviously this was not only a subconscious function of her not wanting any other woman to have me, but also to consciously humiliate me in one of the worst ways a man can be humiliated in the workplace. Thank God I didn't get too involved with that nutcase. Then, after a couple weeks, she was gone. She had transferred to a different department on the opposite side of the building. Due to the fact that I know how long the process is to go through HR to transfer out of a department due to serious conflict with an unreasonable and verbally abusive coworker(this company would rather see the demise of several good workers than have the guts to punish somebody that has been there for 20+ years, because of the extreme nepotism, plus the fact that the company has a reputation for being controlled/dominated by women that precedes the company, and is common knowledge throughout the city) I have reason to believe that in her psychotic furor, after not being able to stand the sight of me, she marched into HR and told them some complete lies about inappropriate things I supposedly said/did to her, and by virtue of filing a sexual harassment complaint she was moved somewhere else very quickly. I haven't done a background check on myself, to see if something like that comes up, but if I were to do one, what exactly would be delineated, if there was a complaint filed against me of this sort? Would there be any details, or would it just say something along the lines of this person is a risk for sexual harassment? If I did find this out, would I have an easy time going back to the company and having them expunge it from my record, since I not only have a clear cause for this slander, but have witnesses(including some that no longer work there) that can testify that she clearly slandered/harassed me out of anger/cognitive dissonance?