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    Default Indiana Emancipation Guidelines

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of:
    Indiana emancipation - My stepson graduated from high school in May of
    2007. He went off to college, or signed up for college but left in October after enrolling but only attending for a couple weeks on most classes but never attending one class at all. He pretended to be going to class and then obviously flunked out as a result of never going to classes. His mom pushed him to enroll at a local community college full time (primarily to keep the insurance on him) and he once again enrolled only but never attended classes. We have documentation from his instructors that he never attended classes. My husband and I have had no say so in thousands of dollars of our money getting thrown away on my stepson that was obviously not motivated or committed to his education. He went on lying both times, pretending to be going to class and partying a lot.
    My concern is that the judge last March ruled that my husband had to continue to pay another semester and the son should be given another chance. Meanwhile, my stepson would not give access to my husband on his schooling as we thought he was not attending again and the mother lied in court stating the son was doing fine in his new school. After the last hearing, my husband with many constant calls to my stepson on giving him access to his grades finally was given it in writing. So, in less the two months in his last school, my stepson was not attending any classes and failing therefore, all. He is continuing to become more and more irresponsible and has gained no work ethic. Are there no guidelines for the judges in small town Indiana as far as the parents having rights? We should not be forced to have to continue to support an almost 20 yr old. He has not been in school since May and since my husband filed for emancipation, the son now has decided to move an hour away and go to a satelite of the same school he did not attend last time but we paid for as had to by a judgement.
    There are no guidelines to prevent us from having to keep throwing money away. This young man will not be able to support himself or ever become a responsible citizen. I need help as we have a hearing that was just set for next week.

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    Default Re: Indiana Emancipation Guidelines

    No, YOU don't need help at all.

    YOU are a legal stranger to the child and have no say in any aspect of his upbringing or the cost thereof.

    YOU need to remember that YOUR opinions, wants and needs have no impact whatsoever.

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