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    Default New Car Owner Didn't Transfer Title

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Florida and New Jersey

    In March i sold my car to a place that buys and sells cars. I signed the title and dated it. That place sells cars fast because a week later my car was gone. Now i think they do not transfer titles from seller to their name because how fast the cars sell.. I guess why pay money when its out the door in a few days.. i dont know. So now 8 months later on saturday the 6th I recieve a letter from New Jersey telling me that the car i sold in march is impounded for no registeration and insurance.. I called.. asked what was going on. told them i sold the car. they said well the title is coming back to me so if i wanted i can get a dup title, register the car, get a new tag ( i transfered the old tags to my new car ) and get insurance... I went into the dmv to find out if i did infact have the car still in my name.. Which i sure did. so I was finally able to get everything done on Thursday the 11th.. i over nighted the paperwork and tag to my fiancee who is on the title with me.. and just so happend to move to NJ 2 weeks ago for work.. he called the towing company today the 12th when the paper work arrived to find out the towing fees for pick up. They told him that the car was picked up on the 9th.... so i called the police station that does the realese papers and they said the guy came in with title.. reg card and insurance.... so i called the NJ dmv gave them the VIN to the car and they said they do not have a title or regerstration in NJ for that vin.. my question is how did he do this if title is still in my name? and can he register the car if its still under my name.... i would like to get the car back.. i mean come on if ur not going to transfer titles and register after 8 months then whats the point.. and if i dont get the car back... and he crashes and leaves the car... am i liable? what should i do in this situation.. the DMV is now closed here till monday but i would like to get some help on what i should be asking and looking for! thanks again and im sorry its long

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    Default Re: New Owner Didn't Transfer Title

    You sold the car. If you try to play title games and take the car back from the person who subsequently bought and paid for it, you're going to create problems for yourself.

    It sounds like there may have been a recording error when the new owner transferred title to another state.

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    Default Re: New Owner Didn't Transfer Title

    i understand that. im not trying to get the car back now. i was going to pick it up from impound because i didnt want to be charged with crushing and impound fees. but i do want it out of my name now. im going to check out dmv later. i was figuring the same thing with the error if they transfered the title but the dmv there said they do not have the vin regestered in nj and its still here in fl in my name.. ill fix it later i guesss thank you

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    Default Re: New Owner Didn't Transfer Title

    Perhaps the car lot has records of the person who picked up the car, that will help you track down the source of the error (e.g., an error or transposition in the recording of the VIN).

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