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    Default Can my roommate's medical problems leave me with the lease?

    My roommate and I are not getting along. This is the second apartment that I have lived in with him. He became my roommate when the girl I was living with had to leave to finish her degree in another part of the state. (I'm in Pennsylvania, in case that it relevant). My current roommate was the only person who I knew that seemed to be in a suitable financial situation to take over her part of the lease.

    At that apartment he refused to clean up after himself despite being asked several times. I would ask him to take out the garbage and he would do it two weeks later, only after I had started to do it out of frustration.

    Why, you ask, am I still living with him?

    Well, when the lease was up, I wanted to move out due to some problems with the apartment complex and he agreed. Because I still could not afford to live on my own, I decided to talk to a couple of mutual friends about the possibility of renting a house or a larger apartment together to mitigate the cleaning issue, since he and I got along pretty well otherwise.

    To make a long story shorter, both people I had talked to fell through at the last minute and I was unable to find a place that I could afford by myself. The result was that we moved out of the old apartment into one that I like much better, but I am still having the same cleaning issues with the roommate.

    Also, since we moved, he has developed a habit of trying to have conversations with me constantly while I am home, no matter what I am doing. He used to leave the house and he rarely leaves (except to go to work) anymore, so he is almost always here when I am and I can't avoid this unless I go in my room. He has a lot of medical problems and talks about them all the time, sometimes saying more personal things than I really want to know.

    Now, all that said, I know that I have to live with this because we are both on the lease (which is not up until October 2006). The problem I need advice on is this. Due to my annoyance with my roommate for the above reasons, and to preserve my sanity, I have started speaking to him only when I need to and spending the majority of my time in my room. (I'm not home a whole lot anyway because I work two jobs, have a boyfriend that I spend a good bit of my spare time with, and I am taking online classes as well). He recently brought this up and became angry when I told him that I didn't feel that I needed to talk to him every day and that it annoyed me that everytime I tried to relax and watch TV he would come out and talk to me so that I couldn't enjoy what I was trying to watch. I told him that working two jobs is stressful for me and when I come home I feel that I am entitled to have my space to relax. I do not feel that this is an unreasonable request, but he has stated that he doesn't think it is a valid reason for not talking to him.

    Now he is going around bragging that he has p***ed me off and telling everyone that he thinks he's just going to move out. (He has not yet said this to my face). Ordinarily, I would not have a problem with his wanting to move out, given the situation, but I don't know of anyone right now that could take his place and I can't pay the rent by myself. Now, I realize that if he does choose to move out, he will be responsible for the remainder of the lease, or until a replacement tenant can be found, since I do not intend to release him of any of those obligations. However, I do have a couple questions.

    1) My roommate is only 25, yet he has very bad arthritis. His doctor told him (prior to the signing of this lease) that he would have to have his hip replaced within the next couple years. Now they are saying it will be within the year. Our lease isn't up for 10 months - almost a year. If he were to convince his doctor to do it now and say that he cannot live in the apartment during recovery (we are upstairs), can he legally get out of the lease?

    2) If he would obtain permission from the landlord to break the lease, without my consent, who is responsible for the costs to find another roommate (advertising, etc.), and until another roommate is found, or if one is not found, would he still be obligated to pay his part of the rent for the rest of the lease?

    3) If he gets out of the lease and is not required to pay for anything, do I have any recourse if I cannot find a roommate, or do I just have to wait for the eviction notice to come because I can't pay the rent by myself?

    I know this is long, but I'm incredibly worried about this situation and any answers you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Getting out of a lease

    If your landlord agrees to let him out of the lease, that should apply to both of you.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for answering. It makes me feel a little better to hear that!

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