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    Default Misdemeanor Ticket for Ticket Scalping

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Nevada

    Looking at my misdemeanor ticket for ticket scalping, I noticed that there is no printed name, signed signature, or P#(i'm guessing that's his badge number) from the officer. Does this invalidate this ticket? How do they subpoena the officer, if they don't know who it is?

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    Default Re: Unsigned Misdemeanor Ticket for Ticket Scalping

    You can look up Nevada statutes here. I don't see one that requires the officer's signature, but I may have missed it.

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    Default Re: Unsigned Misdemeanor Ticket for Ticket Scalping

    Not legal advice. I was charged with reckless driving. The charge was baseless. Arraignment. Told prosecutor who wanted to deal: "you did not go to a very good law school did yah!" and walked away. Don't tick off people who can put you in jail. I'm arrogant! They wanted me in a bad way. Several sworn cops who came as back up, etcetera. Signed proper citation. Plead not guilty and kept mouth shut about the actual accused charge. No details to any one! Always remain silent about any detail, is my rule. Trial day. Prosecution calls first witness the cop who issued the criminal citation. He did not show up. Judge: "your still not guilty right?" I won....................... Dispute and never say any details, even details to convince cops why they should let you off. They will twist it to support probable cause and that will screw you.

    Sometimes detail's show up on the other copies. Court clerks make small notes on case files when you go to their counter's. Human nature can't be impartial, most lawyer's (no matter what side), Judges, etcetera, respect the law and do not like it when people try and skirt around being guilty! Due process is to say not guilty remain silent (no details) even with your own attorney and let the other side try and make their case!

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