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    Default Inaccurate Student Loan Report

    My question involves a credit report problem in the State of: Georgia

    I attended school A during the 2003-2004 school year and took out a private loan w/ an in-school deferment option.

    I transferred to school B for the 04-05 and 05-06 schools years, went full-time both years but borrowed govt. subsidized loans instead.

    In Jan 06 I received a payment booklet from the private lender. I called and told them I was still in school so the loan shouldn't go into repayment. I had to file some extra paper work to prove I was in school, which took a couple of months to process, etc.

    On my credit report the private loan now has a status of: Open/Current, was 90 days past due. They reported that I missed the Feb/March 06 payments.

    I called the lender and asked why I was being reported as 90 days late when my loans never could never have gone into repayment since I was a full-time student in Feb/March 2006.

    The lender said that the National Student Clearinghouse reported that I was not a full-time student in 05-06, so the loans went into repayment. I told them that the Clearinghouse was wrong, I could prove it, and they should remove the negative info.

    They told me that it was my responsibility to pay the Feb/March 06 payments while the paperwork was processing and refused to remove the info.

    Is there anything I can do? Can they really report this kind of information?

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    Default Re: Inaccurate Student Loan Report

    Your obligations under your contract are defined in your contract, which of course you didn't read (almost nobody does) and we can't see from here. Do you still have a copy? If not, request that they provide you with a copy.

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