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    Post Capias Warrant In Florida

    My question involves an arrest warrant from the State of Florida, Broward County.

    My brother recently got pulled over in MA and found out he had a Capias Warrant in Florida which he had no idea was there. He is out on bail in MA and is turning himself in FL soon. The capias is confusing it tells the sheriff to get him and bring him to court yet has a bond amount of $1,000.

    Two questions: One is can he get bonded out if I lend him the $1,000? Or will they try to get him on failure to appear and charge more of a bond even though he had no idea and turned himself in once he found out about the bond.

    He has a family court date in MA in January (mother abused kids now in foster care, they divorced) and really needs to be there to get custody so would need to bond out. He wants to confront this charge though.

    He will need a public defender as he has no $$$ besides what I am lending him and I can barely get that amount.

    The charge is 3rd degree grand theft (it's less than $600) if that's any help.

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    Default Re: Capias Warrant In Florida

    If he has the money to bond out, he can bond out. If he faces additional charges we don't know about, well, we don't know about them so all we could do is guess.

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