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    Default Out of State Visitation Rights


    every since my daughter was 2 she has lived in minnesota and i have lived in seattle. at 2 her mother and i had written up a preschool parenting plan.(in minnesota) the plan consisted of her coming to seattle for 2weeks then go home (minn) for 2weeks then come back to seattle for 2weeks. and 1week the day after christmas everyear. as you could imagine plane tickets to go and come were hard to bear.

    my daughter is now 11 and i have never had my daughter on christmas day. it has always been a pawn that the mother plays. in her defense.... she has always let me take her for the whole month in the summer without the 2week break which is easier on the pocketbook. (which i pay all transportation costs)

    i want to go back to court and have my plan modified now since she is older and i would really enjoy having her here on christmas.

    any ideas what i should ask for? do you think that i could try to have the mother pay for part of the transportation costs? should i try for every even christmas and odd day after christmas? and a full month in the summertime?

    her mother does bring her to the airport in minnesota which is about an hour and a half away. can i have that included? sometimes she says she not going to bring her to the airport..

    she plays alot of games like saying i can have her for christmas then taking it back. also says she wont take her to the airport then she follows thru....but i am so done playing mind games.....i just want it to be on paper so i dont get the run around anymore.......

    any help is greatly appriciated

    thanks for reading my thread

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    Default Re: Out of State Visitation Rights

    I am not a Lawyer, but someone who has recently went through this same situation.

    If you paternity is established then you should have your standard visitations. Which it sounds like you do.

    You could file a contempt of court on her for not following court orders, which is a big wake up call for most.

    As far as sharing the cost I would bring in receipts of cost. It might not work but never hurts to try.

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