My question involves criminal law for the state of: Minnesota.
My roommate had some friends over drinking; my wife was also there but didn't start drinking yet when she got in an argument with one of the roommates friends. She was mad so she left. Wile driving in her car she was changing a CD and not paying attention to the road she hit a sign. She was very upset and went to her moms friends house crying. She stayed there for about a half hour. Her car windshield was smashed and front bumper was missing so they gave her a ride home. When she got there the person she had the altercation with apologized and they made up. About 3 hours later they had another disagreement and she ended up making the roommates friend leave. Our roommate got upset because she embarrassed him and also left. When he left he called the cops and told them she left in a drunken rage and drove in to a stop light. A few moments later the cops showed up, gave her a sobriety test, breathalyzer and arrested her for DUI. She told them that she was not drunk when she was driving her car they, didnít listen. We went to court and read the police report, it was a 100% fabrication. We read it and they way it was written it sounds like she was arrested at the seine ware she hit the sign but she was actually arrested in our house, also they put in there she admitted to having a drink and then getting into her car but she didnít. It also stated her car being towed but it didnít say ware it was towed from (it was towed from her moms friends house 3 miles down the road). When we went to court the prosecutor gave us a continuance to find time to get a lawyer. We were denied a public defender and we canít really afford a lawyer. Another thing to add is when we went to court and checked in they told us we should have been there at 8:30 and they issued a warrant. We showed them our paper that said what time we should be there (1:00) and they waived the warrant. What dose everyone think about this situation. I think there was a little corruption in the Anoka court system, why would they issue a warrant with out checking what time they told us to be there.