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    Question Trying to Take Care of an Old DUI in North Carolina

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: North Carolina

    5 yrs ago i got a dui in NC. They wouldn't give me a continuance and i couldn't get to court, so i also got a FTA. I no longer live in that state but they tell me I still have to appear in NC in order to determine fines, etc. I would really like to clear this up and get my driver's license again. i cannot get to NC in order to appear. Is there another solution?

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    Default Re: Trying to Take Care of a 5 Yr Old DUI in NC

    You might be able to have an attorney go in your place. That is the only way you have a shot and not having to appear.

    Did you ask them if you could mail the ticket and fines to the court house? They probably wont let you but you might want to also try that.

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