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    Default Worker's Comp is Playing Games

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of: Pa I have been on workmans comp for 7 months and had one back surgery allready.A few weeks into recovery the disk re herniated and my surgeon said i needed another surgery.Work comp denied to pay for 2nd surgery so we filled a penalty petition.In the past i had no problems getting my checks or meds ever since we filled the petition against wc my checks have been late at one point 3 weeks late and it takes days to get my meds approved this is getting old.I dont understand how they can mess around with my pay and meds like that.I would greatly appriciate any input anyone may have on this

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    Quote Quoting dano31
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    so we filled a penalty petition.
    Who do you mean when you say "we" filed a petition? If you have an attorney you should contact your attorney to get incontact with the WC administrators.

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    Yes when i say we i mean my attorney.He is well aware of the problems they are giving me and seems to be on the phone with them all the time.Thats why i think they are just playing games maybe hopping i will get mad and give up but i cant i need my back fixed so i can go back to work.

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