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    Default Marrying Someone Who Entered with a False Passport

    Greeting all,

    My fiance entered the US with a false Slovenian passport. He was inspected and released, and has filed for asylum. We are having our wedding in March, and would love to also be married legally. I understand that I will not be able to help him adjust his status, since he entered this country illegally, but I would like to make our marriage official. I live in NYC and cannot obtain a license without a social, passport, or other offical ID. Since he is currently trying to get asylum, he doesn't have any of that. His passport from his country is expired. I was told by a relative of mine who was in a similar situation that if we have a religious ceremony, that would suffice, and would somehow make the marriage legal. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Marrying Someone Who Entered with a False Passport

    Your relative is incorrect. You need a marriage license to have a legal marriage, whether hitched up by a priest, rabbi, High Priestess or a judge.

    No license, no valid marriage.

    You don't need to know how to get legally married right now, you need to find an attorney who might be able to keep your fella from being deported. Do that. Worry about getting married when/if he's out of danger of being sent back to Slovenia.

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