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    Default Accident by Designated Driver in My Car

    My question involves a traffic accident in the State of: California.

    OK, here's the scenario.....

    It was my bachelor party, so being a responsible citizen I got a friend to be the designated driver. We took my car. So what does he do....backs into another car as we are leaving a bar (in the private parking lot). Being drunk, I offered up my name, number, phone, etc. to the other driver. My designated driver, who was stone sober, did not offer his name or information and also, to my disappointment, didn't collect any information from the other driver and claims he has no idea what kind of car it was, how bad the damage was, or anything else for that matter.

    Long story short....after not hearing anything for a month, I have now received a notice from the other guy's insurance company saying they paid a claim to him for the damage to his car and want to recover payment from me. Both I and my designated driver have full auto insurance so I am not worried that it will be taken card of eventually, just want to know where the the real liability lies and how we should handle it.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: Accident by Designated Driver in My Car

    Turn the claim over to your insurance company, explain that your friend was driving, and let them worry about the rest.

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    Default Re: Accident by Designated Driver in My Car

    Thanks for the reply. That is exactly what I have done.

    My real concern was that I am completely blind as to what damages the other driver might claim. Obviously there are friendship issues involved here as well as insurance issues. I am just so dissappointed that my sober friend and designated driver, who is definitely old enough and experienced enough to know better, didn't take command of the situation and make sure we had the information needed to file the claim and protect ourselves. He claims to have no idea the make or year of the car, or the amount of damage, and didn't get any of the other driver's information. To be fair I was there too, but it was my bachelor party and let's just say I was feeling no pain and was in no condition to recognize, let alone take notes, of the gravity of the situation! On the positve side, it was a fun night and a great wedding!

    My experience with insurance companies isnt that wonderful....when push comes to shove they are much more interested in closing the claim fast with minimum expense to them rather than standing up for their policy holders. For all I know this guy will claim he was injured along with his car suffering major damage. And that just wasn't the case, my car doesn't even have a scratch on it. But I am completely defenseless if that happens. He agreed that night to call me and work this out...that didn't happen, instead he has filed a claim with his insurance against me.

    It's almost enough to make a guy give up drinking.... LOL

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