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    Default Getting Out of a Plea Deal Due To Inadequate Legal Representation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: ca
    For 15 months my brother was isolated, purposely kept from being able to hear the truth of what was going on with his case. He could not have any visits, not allowed to make phone calls, A hold was put on all incoming and outgoing mail. Unable to coraspond with anybody. Never able to read or see the discovery on his case. The D.a and the detectives were his only means of information. The attorney who was state appointed did not one time go and visit his client. My brother tried to fire his attorney and the judge would not allow it, although the judge did order the attorney to go and visit his client. Never did though. A person can only take so much of this mental abuse befor they are willing to do and say whatever they have to just to get out of the situation they are in. At least in prision he can make a phone call home to his mom. My question is since my brother took a plea bargin and plead guilty would post conviction release be something he could try? I am just looking for any advise at all. Any help or any suggestions will be of help.

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    Default Re: Getting Out of a Plea Deal Due To Inadequate Legal Representation

    It's going to be difficult. Did he request a court-appointed lawyer for an appeal? How long ago did he plead guilty?

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    Default Re: Getting Out of a Plea Deal Due To Inadequate Legal Representation

    No the state appointed attorney he had to represent him told his famiy he could not file an appeal. He took the plea bargin in april of this year. He is still in recepition and has been trying to get a copy of any paperwork on his case but his lawyer will not respond to his requests. Never has been able to see or read any discovery or police report at all.

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