My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Louisiana

I have been working in a small law firm for just over a year and a half. During that time, I have witnessed one of the two partners engage in work ethics that are somewhat questionable, but perhaps not illegal: Notarizing documents not signed in front of her (usually friends or clients), having me pose as her in order to talk to an IRS agent to get information on a pending case, etc. She is often gone from the office on various social networking or personal errands. She has had the legal secretary reschedule client appointments because they conflict with getting her nails or hair done.

She ran off her associate, a new graduate from law school, making that poor girl miserable until the day it happened. She lied to the managing partner about some of the circumstances that led to the resignation/firing, and I am embarassed to say that I stayed quiet during this time.

When a new part-time associate was hired, I met with the managing partner in private and told him that I was concerned that we were seeing a repeat of her absentee behavior from the year before, and that I felt that in order to not have a repeat of the issue with the associate that had left, that he should consider having ongoing meetings with the partner and the associate in order to make sure that the associate was properly trained/acclimated.

That didn't happen, unfortunately.

And, the partner found out that I had talked to the managing partner "behind her back", and for the past several weeks, she has had a rather stand-offish behavior with me, making small digs, and then laughing them off as jokes, and making what I felt were demands for performance outside of my job requirements.

Last week, I lost it with her, and announced I was quitting as of January 5th. She said fine and we both parted ways. I talked to the managing partner on Friday and he agreed I could stay on to help with end of year transition until January 30th. I sent him an email to confirm this.

I got an email back saying that she already had someone to help with the transition and I would be let go on January 5th.

Now that you have all this background (and congratulations for reading thus far), can I insist that he stick with our original verbal agreement?

If I wished to fight this, can I say that I have never been written up, never been told that I was performing inadequately, and thus never given a chance to correct any deficient behavior.

Also, is this considered a resignation or a termination. I initiated the parting, but in his email to me, he labels it a termination.

Can I go to the labor board about the partner creating a hostile work environment (I can call the former legal secretary and the associate both), and can I go to the bar about some of her work ethics?

I know, several questions. But thank you very much for your input.