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    Default Recovering Car Towed by Police After Charges Are Dropped

    My question involves towing laws for the State of: Tennessee
    im only 19 just fill me in please
    I want to know about tow laws in general...i dont see why this would not be stealing if there was no sign saying tow friend was arrested because someone said he broke into my home...his car was in my drive way and the police had it towed....i didnt ask them to tow it and and why would it not go to a police impound instead of some guys yard with a fence and a dog...i did not press charges on my friend, the charges were dropped he had promision to have his car there but the guy wants us to pay 500 bucks to get the car friend has the title and the keys so would it be law braking if he went and got his car...without paying if yes please explain....its like you pulling up to a gas station and clerk comes out and starts pumpin gas in your car until the tank is full...but you only wanted a pack of know what i me out someone please

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    Default Re: Recovering Car Towed by Police After Charges Are Dropped

    Once a tow has taken place, whether charges where droped, or for any reason, the tow company want's their charges for the truck to pick it up. Then charges for storing the car by the day. If you go get the car without permission on the tow companies property, you will be charged for theft, and trespassing. I know it sounds wrong, but that's what will happen. Get the car out soon, or charges can get higher.

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