My question involves juvenile law in the State of: texas

ive written the long story 2 times and it didnt save so now i give up and im just going to have to sum it up the best way i can.. grr
ok so my freind is pregnant and 15 and is listed as runaway and isnt a bad kid and it isnt her fault she left, its a long sad story and ill tell it to anyone who wants to know. my freind got pregnant after she left and is currently listed as a runaway. her parents rights were terminated and her gaurdian now is her half sisters dad who wants nothing to do with her. [its not her fault he was a real butt] no i said its a sad story.
what will happen to her if she goes to have her baby when shes due, and she uses fake papers?
will they find out her name doesnt exist or will they not look it up? the hospital she is planning to go to says they dont look at that stuff they just care for the patient..but shes worried. she doesnt want to get her baby taken away and taken to juvi for something thats not her fault, and left to deal with her butthead gaurdian who told her he "would mess her life up so bad she would regret being born" if she ever "ran away" again from her phsycodic aunt. even tho he was the real gaurdian.

can you please tell me what will happen?? she really needs answers, btw CPS never believed a thing she told them, they always believed her lieing butthead gaurdian who was only wanting to make her miserable jus bc her mother supposuvly "ruined his life"
so CPS is out of the question. her only help is god and she needs advice to keep her from worrying and getting depressed and scared.

like i said, its a long sad story.