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    Default Divorce Case Discontinued

    My question involves divorce in the State of Pennsylvania.

    My wife and I have been separated for four years. I filed for divorce in 2005 while living in Butler County. My wife never signed the papers, and I've been informed that as of October 18 of this year the case has been discontinued. I know for a fact my wife has no interest in reconciling with me, nor I with her.

    I now live in Montgomery County and have the option to e-file a new motion for divorce decree. How will my separation status affect the nature of the case? Butler County did not automatically grant the divorce, is law in Montgomery County different? Will I be able to do research at my local library, or is there a specific source I should be looking into? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Divorce Case Discontinued

    You're still separated, right? Then you're separated.

    It sounds like you dropped the ball the first time around, by not filing the necessary documentation to complete your divorce or to have an evidentiary hearing scheduled to resolve any remaining issues.

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