My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Oregon
My daughter and her husband were doing well last year before the real estate bust- he was a builder and had just finished his first subdivision. Then the bottom fell out of the market and nothing has sold since. My daughter's best friend was killed in Iraq, she fell apart, got into drugs, and they divorced. Since then, she has had medical bills, credit card bills, and is in debt. She recently found a job and is going to college and has straightened her life out. She has decided to file bankruptcy, as she is unable to make even minimumpayments to her creditors. Her ex-husband has a lot of debt from the subdivision loan, and is going to have to file bankruptcy too. She was planning to go ahead and file, but was told that she should wait and include any debts from their construction business as well, since she could still be liable for those later on. One creditor is threatening to garnish her wages, so she need to file soon. Her ex-husband is refusing to give her any information about his possible bankruptcy and the business situation. Can she still file for bankruptcy and just list "debts from the business which may accrue later"(or something like that), since she has no idea what is going to happen with his bankruptcy, or how much the debts may be? Also, are there attorneys who take cases like this for low-income people and charge lower fees? My daughter is barely keeping her head above water right now and we are retired, and have already helped her financially as much as we can. Thank you for any advice you may offer!