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    Angry Employer Did Not Pay Me My Last Paycheck

    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: Ma

    I was released from my job in the beginning of 08 my employer refused to give me my last paycheck stating I owed a company loan which was not a loan it was part of my per diem, a week later the employer sent me a certified letter stating we are using your check to pay this so called loan which in the state of Ma. is illegal unless I agreed to it.

    So move ahead three weeks I receive a court summons that I'm being sued for the loan in full, so I go to court and my former employer is there talking to a district attorney at this court who is a very good friend of his we go into the courtroom our case comes up the DA hands the judge a letter and walks out I show my evidence and rest my case we get our verdict in the mail he has won the case in full.

    So I file a case with the dept. of labor the say I can proceed with a civil case but I dont have the funds to pay a attorney and dont really know how I should file the case.

    Any advice?

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    Default Re: Employer Did Not Pay Me My Last Paycheck

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