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    Default Vehicle Registration Suspended Due to Lapse in Car Insurance

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: PA
    In Philadelphia my car insurance cancelled due to non payment without my notice. I switched from automatic bank transfer to check by phone and forgot to call the check in. 1 month later I recieve a bill from insurance company for a small portion of the regular bill due for insured time and that my policy has cancelled. I paid it up to date immediately but later recieved a notice from the PennDOT stating that my insurance coverage was terminated and as a result of that the registration of my vehicle is being suspended for 3 months. I called the insurance company and PennDOT and understand that you can miss insurance for 30 days if the car wasn't driven but I reinstated my policy on the 34th day. (immediately after reciving the first letter). I just took a job where I use my car to visit clients and I want to know if anyone has any idea around this as I can not be without my car for 3 months. I am willing to pay fines but can't afford the suspension. Any thoughts or experiences are welcome.

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    Default Re: Vehicle Registration Suspended in PA

    Transfer the car to someone else.

    The only way to register that car is to transfer the car to a friend or relative.
    Other than that, you can not drive that car for 3 months.

    You MUST turn in your plate to get credit for the three month suspension.
    You can also transfer the car back to your name after the three months.


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    Default Re: Vehicle Registration Suspended in PA

    Great I was just about to ask this question. Thanks

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