My question involves education law in the State of: Florida

I am a resident who lives on a public Florida college campus in a dorm. Ever since the past few weeks when winter has set in and temperatures have fallen, the hot water in the building has gotten significantly lower to the point where one doesn't want to shower.

I've contacted housing officials at the highest level by e-mail with the problem as well as detailed explanations (times most problematic, etc.)

Housing officials have ignored the issue until I kept e-mailing, and eventually gave me generic responses such as "there is no problem...the flow rates are set to student and staff Housing Heating standards for safety...blah blah..."

In the past when I have had issues with the climate inside the building, it took me hoops and leaps to get actual maintenance work done.

I've done some research into Florida Building Code which looks like the university must comply with and there is specific regulations pertaining to the way hot water must work inside buildings.

As far as the temperature of the water goes, it is around 99F to 100F on average.

I've made Public Records request under F.S. Chapter 119 to see the official "Housing Heating Standards" the department here claims that limits what the current conditions are for the hot water system. So far my request has been ignored even with my threat of filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office in Florida if the request is ignored.

I feel as if the maintenance department within housing is just making things up to get me to stop with my requests despite the fact that there really is a problem.

It seems so simple to fix this problem, either insulate pipes, increase water temperature, or check the domestic hot water heaters...none of which the housing department wants to consider.

I find it odd how they claim student and staff safety for not making adjustments to the hot water if according to their "standards" that every other building has hot water that is consistently hot and much hotter (burning hot) than the one I have access to...

Are there any legal tools or methods I can use to get this issue going? It's a state ran school, is there anything the Board of Governors can do? Any officials at the University that oversights departments within the University?