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    Default Sent into Collections Even Though Proof of Payment in Full Was Provided

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California

    I’ve been dealing with a collection agency for appx 6 months now. I have been cooperative and done all that they ask to verify that my original debt had been paid in full. I recently faxed them (at their request) the credit card receipt as proof of payment. Just got off the phone with them and they acknowledged that they received proof of payment, but “accidently” sent my info to credit reports and collections 5 days later.

    They told me that they would remove the collections and credit report ding and I’ll receive notice in 10 days. They told me that “It happens all the time” and that, because my information hasn’t been with the credit bureau (Experian) for 30 days yet, my credit will not be adversely affected. They also mentioned that they are meeting with the originator of the debt “next week” and will verify payment at that time. They are very vague regarding dates and information and I’m greatly concerned about my credit score and any debt they may possibly claim that I owe them.

    I am unable to trust that they will do as they say but don’t know how to proceed further. In the past, when I’ve taken their word that they would clear this, they’ve never delivered. I have receipts and copies of all the letters I sent (including my dispute of debt within 30 days).

    I have contacted the FTC and filed a complaint, the Attorney General is sending me a complaint packet to fill out and I’m planning to enter a complaint on the BBB site.

    What alternative paths might I take other than dealing with them directly? I’d really like to get this resolved as soon as possible and appreciate any and all suggestions.


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    Default Re: Sent into Collections Even Though Proof of Payment in Full Was Provided

    Obtain a copy of your credit reports and file a dispute with any of the three agencies that have this on record.

    They will notify the creditor and if the creditor doesn't respond within 30 days, they will remove it. If the creditor responses negatively (you owe the debt), you can send the reporting agency your supporting paperwork and they will work to get it removed.

    Been there before and they helped immensely.

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