My question involves real estate located in the State of: oklahoma

I recently purchase a trailer from a lady who lived in a trailer park. she owned the trailer, but leased the lot. I paid for the trailer and moved it from the mobile home park, because I have my own land. I never spoke with the mobile home park owners, and didn't need to because my business was with the owner of the trailer. I already got the title switched in my name, and now the owner of the trailer park is threatening me to pay the remaining lot lease the lady owed that sold me the trailer. she said that when someone leases a lot, they put the trailer up for collateral. There was no lien on the trailer. I gave her the lady who I bought the trailer from's phone number. Of course, she has moved out of state and skipped out on her lot rent for two months. I never signed a lot agreement, and she paid the lot rent through the end of the month in which I moved the trailer anyway. How can I get this crazy mobile home park owner to leave me alone? Can she really put a back lien on something? To top it all off, the person who I bought the trailer from had just gotten the title in the mail from the lady she bought it from. it was never even in her name, it was already notarized and she just signed it over to me, so it was never legally in her name to sign a lot lease agreement on it. help