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    Unhappy Caught Driving Without a Valid Drivers License

    My jurisdiction is: North Carolina, United States

    Alright, i'm going to explain what happened in the best detail I can and hope for some insight on what i'm looking at here.

    Im 17 years old, male. I dropped out of school, which I deeply regret and I know is stupid. I dont have a drivers license, I never finished drivers ed as well because everytime I went to sign up for it, the classes were full and I basically gave up on that, not even thinking of the outcome in the future.

    Me and my brother were going to a friends house, he was driving. Me being new to driving and knowing I would be able to get my license when I turn 18 (April 17th) I wanted to try my luck at driving a 5 speed, so my brother pulled over since he was experienced and let me give it a shot. I drove up the road, surprisingly doing very well, turned right onto a road after coming to a stop sign. I immediatly turned right into a parking lot to the side to turn around and go back down the road I originally turned off of, since thats where our friends house was. When I pulled out, and turned back left onto the rod I originally was on, I noticed a cop behind me. Of course, I paniced, but did nothing stupid. I used my turn signals, wasnt speeding or anything of that sort, but of course, blue lights. I pulled over, turned the car off, had my hands on the steering wheel and all of that good stuff. He asked me for a drivers license and I told him straight up that I did not have one. I gave him my ID card, my brother gave him his license, and I gave him the insurance card and registration for the car (Which is my moms, my brother drives it though). He came back after a long wait and gave me a ticket for driving with no license. I asked him why he pulled me over since I wanted to know for future reference, and he said "You did a illegal U-Turn".... Now im not a idiot, and I know turning into a parking lot, setting for about 30 seconds, then pulling back out is not a illegal U-Turn, this cop was obviously bored and got lucky catching me, which is really ashamed since I was only driving for all of 2-3 minutes.

    Now, my court date is December 17th for this, I've spoke with a lawyer and have a phone conference set up with him for December 9th to discuss what can be done..

    With all of that being said, what am I looking at here? Am I going to be able to get my license when I turn 18? Whats the highest fine i'd be looking at? Would my priviledges of getting my license when i'm 18 be suspended until longer? Can my lawyer actually get the sentence put down to something like my prayor for judgement or something like that? Im asking all of this because I havent spoken to the actual attorney yet, so im wondering...

    Also, in NC is it possible to get a court appointed hardship license when you have a job, are attending school, and finished drivers education? If possible, i'd like to see about getting the lawyer to get it all reduced to where I would still be eligible @ age 18 to get my license, but get the court to appoint a hardship one before that, because I've heard that this is possible, but not 100% sure if its true.

    Thanks alot for anyone with the time to read this and help me out.

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    Default Re: Caught Driving Without Valid Drivers License, North Carolina

    You mentioned that you had a lawyer. You should be directing they questions to him/her as attorney is familiar with the laws in your state, how it pertains to your situation and probably knows the court and judge you will be hearing your case.

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    Default Re: Caught Driving Without Valid Drivers License, North Carolina

    Well it looks like im in luck.. Before I even talked to the lawyer, my step mom and dad contacted the DMV in Raleigh NC and the courthouse that my court date was set to be at. They said the fine is going to be $171 (Which isnt a big deal, i had over $500 saved up already prepared to handle this) and it will not delay me getting a license when im 18.

    Thank god.

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