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    Question How to Begin Guardianship of Adult in Indiana

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Indiana
    My mother has been evaluated and has been given the diagnosis of moderate dementia. Her family doctor of 45 years said he would be willing to testify to her condition. My sisters and I don't know where to start with proceedings for guardianship. We need to pursue as our Mother lives alone and does not want to move or agree to living with one of us, or having an aide come to her home to help her. There are obvious issues with hygiene, financial concerns, besides her general safety. Our father has been deceased for 35 years and all my siblings agree this needs to be done. Our Mother does not admit that her memory is poor, or she needs help of any kind. Help!!

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    Default Re: How to Begin Guardianship of Adult in Indiana

    Your first step is to obtain counsel. Trying to obtain guardianship of an adult who doesn't think you should have it is not an easy process, and not one to be undertaken without the help of a qualified attorney. In most jurisdictions, counsel is REQUIRED.

    Petitions for guardianship are filed through the Probate Court in the county in which the person you wish to obtain guardianship of lives. Your mother will be appointed a Guardian Ad Litem by the court, and may contest the action through her GAL.
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    Default Re: How to Begin Guardianship of Adult in Indiana

    Here's a brochure (PDF) outlining the guardianship process in Indiana.

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    Default Re: How to Begin Guardianship of Adult in Indiana

    That brochure no longer seems to be available online, but you can probably get a copy from the state bar as described below:
    Quote Quoting I would like to file for a guardianship, but I don’t see the forms to do that.
    A guardianship is a unique legal relationship and it would be difficult to have a common form on our Self Service website that everyone could use. We recommend that you contact the Indiana State Bar Association for their brochure on guardianship that you will find helpful and informative. You can either call the Bar Association at 317-639-5465, or 1-800-266-2581....

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