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    Default Treated Horribly by Collect Corp

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Oklahoma.

    I have been very seriously ill within the past two years and have continued to pay all my bills. However, I've closed some of my accts. to protect myself. When I closed Amex in July of 05 they raised the interest rate amazingly high which has made it virtually impossible to pay them and reduce the flex pay debt. Even though I was trying it was eventually showing me behind because of fees, interest, etc. They turned me over to Collect Corp.

    They won't communicate with any of my letters or attempts. I cannot speak on the phone due to my health and larynx situation. They don't seem to even get my letters. However, they continue to call and send hateful letters and while I can't respond verbally I - once again - write a letter.

    The worst of it is...I had 2 of my daughters listed as authorized users and one of my girls was only 17 at the time. Now, they are sending them hateful debt collection letters. How can they do that? The girls were never a part of that acct. regarding the responsible parties and I'm afraid it's going to hurt their credit. How can I make them stop that and how can I get them to accept a payment arrangement from me without 37% interest? No kidding.

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    Default Re: Treated Horribly by Collect Corp

    If you don't want to be contacted by a collection agency, tell the collection agency to stop.

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