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    Hey all -

    It's that dreaded time of year again - the time when charities are in stiff competition to get your end of the year donations - and, Inc. isn't an exception.

    Of course we'd love to get a donation check from each and every one of you, but in the real world, we get it that in this economy that's not likely to happen. Instead, we would ask that donate vicariously - by doing what you're already going to do, and shopping where you're already going to shop...but when you do those activities via our website, we get kickbacks and referral monies that are vital to our annual operational budget (in fact, almost 35% of our total revenue this year came from!) . So if you're planning to travel or purchase goods or services online for the upcoming holiday season, please consider doing so via participating companies on our web site:

    For those of you who routinely order things like office supplies online, we'd appreciate your continued support - just put the page in your faves!

    Thanks in advance everyone!

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    You got yourself a deal, aardvarc. I see a couple of your partners where if I used your site I'd be in competition with myself, but there's at least one I use frequently that wouldn't be and I'd be happy to support you year round that way!

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    Woohoo! Thanks much =)

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    For what it's worth, count me in also. I will forward the information (your link) to my friends, family, and business associtates.

    A worthy cause if I might add.

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    ^5 Thanks M'sta!

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