Hi, I live in NJ. Received summons 11/28. Being sued by credit card company for $ 1000 app. including lawyer fees. I need to know what is the right thing to do because I don't want a judgment against me. Should I contact the lawyer suing me and offer a settlement of 30% of the original amount? or any other percentage that sounds decent and fair.
Should I go to court and see what the judge determines?
If the lawyer agrees to settle before court date, how do I go about it, what kind of letter should I use and what kind of language the letter should include.
Can I dispute the amount stating that I do not owe that much. The line of credit was for 500 and with the late fees and over the limit fees got to a 1000.
How do I answer the summons I received? What kind of language should I use in my answer to the court.
The debt is 18 months old.