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    Angry Out of State Accident - Should I Get Legal Representation

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Illinois

    One week ago, I was traveling on I-74 near the small town of Urbana, Il. driving a 40' RV, pulling a GMC envoy. Prior to entrance ramp, I moved to left lane. A small car came into the "blind-spot" of the rear view mirror and I accidently clipped the car's rear and caused it to spin out into the median. Driver to ER for precautionary reasons only. I was not hurt.

    Judge will not change court date, which is mandatory. Distance from my home is 650 miles, flight schedules are difficult, since it is the Friday before Christmas.

    Do I need to attempt to secure the services of an attorney ASAP prior to my appearance? The eye-witness states I was at fault. What is the average fine for such a moving violation (improper lane change) in the Urbana court system?

    Many thanks for any and all assistance for a 67 yo nana!!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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    Default Re: Out of State Accident - Should I Get Legal Representation

    You were ticketed only for an improper lane change, but a court appearance is required? That seems a bit extreme.

    I would consult a lawyer out of the possibility not only of avoiding or adjourning the ticket, but perhaps of resolving the ticket without a return flight.

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