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    Default Leaving After Overstaying Visa Waiver

    I arrived from Australia in December of 2002 on a Visa Waiver and never left.
    It was issued with the old staple insert which I believe has been discontinued?
    Anyway, that passport since expired, and I've been issued a new one several months ago with the new digital page.
    I was intending to leave in mid December for a couple of months before trying to re-enter on another Visa Waiver early next year.

    What will happen?
    My passport is completely empty, and I thought as long as I was leaving with a one way ticket, I would have no problems. It now seems I will get a ban and not be allowed back?
    I also can really not afford an immigration lawyer, so am looking for as much information as I can online.

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    Default Re: Leaving After Overstaying Visa Waiver

    You overstayed for six years, so you are looking at a ten year period of ineligibility to reenter the United States, and permanent ineligibility to participate in the visa waiver program.

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