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    Unhappy Phone Number Changed Without Customer Consent

    Resident of the State of Michigan:

    Last week my home telephone number was changed without my consent, nor the consent of my wife. I was speaking to a customer service rep. about being able to block anonymous calls, when we got disconnected. We spoke for about 45 seconds total. The next day I try to call home and my number has been disconnected. The representative took it upon herself to change my phone #, neglecting to even tell me the new #.

    I have spoken with my telephone provider, and they assure me that this was NOT supposed to happen. This second rep. stated that if the call was dropped for whatever reason the work order should be immediately terminated. I have been on the phone for days trying to get my original phone number back, to no avail. Now my satellite TV cannot download new guides/programming because it "phones home" via my phone line... which it doesn't know the number too.

    My question is... do I have ANY legal recourse? They have offered me a minimal credit. I believe the actions made by the original cust serv. rep are illegal. I was assured services to my original phone # would be restored by 3 different times and dates... all have come and gone and still nothing. In the mean time... what if I was waiting for a job interview? My wife is awaiting calls back from test results from a recent doctors visit... etc. Can anyone lend me some advice? Please help!!!

    Service provider info left out to assure anonymoty.

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    Default Re: No Consent Phone Number Changed in Michigan

    In the mean time... what if I was waiting for a job interview? My wife is awaiting calls back from test results from a recent doctors visit... etc.
    "What if" doesn't fly in court, only "this happened".

    Aside from the inconvenience of not being able to get your satellite TV guide, what damages have you actually suffered?

    Did you miss a job interview? Was your wife prevented from accessing any other telephone to call her doctor to inquire after her test results? Did you miss an important call from work and get fired as a result?

    Your service provider has offered you some credit. They're really not even obligated to do that, only to take steps to remedy their mistake. You can continue to insist that they restore your old number (not an unreasonable request at all), or you can use the new number.

    Beyond that? Nothing.

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