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    Question How Do You Get Out of the National Guard

    I am trying to find out any information on how to get out of the national guard. i am already prepared for those of you that feel the need to call me names. i am sorry for you but i have realized i've made a huge mistake in joining the national guard. i really thought this was the right thing to do. i thought this over for months, i weighed my pros and cons. then before i knew, it was jan 2008 and i was off to bootcamp then ait. i've been home now for 4 months doing my weekends and everyday more and more i know this isn't what i want to do. i've been doing alot of searching but really haven't found many answer, just people trash talking people like me that have realized they made a mistake. who do i talk to, where can i go to get some help on this. i live in north west indiana.

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    Default Re: How Do You Get Out of the National Guard

    When you signed up for the Guard, you signed a binding contract.

    Getting out in peacetime is extremely difficult, even in extraordinary circumstances. Getting out during wartime simply because you've changed your mind? Nigh on impossible. Uncle Sam likes contracts and will stick you to the terms of yours.

    You may have the option of inactive duty or individual ready reserve, but both of these categories may be activated at any time, and these days, they're often called up.

    You'll need to contact your recruiter and Unit Commander and explain what's going on in your headspace. Situations like yours are handled on a case by case basis, and often take a long time to resolve.

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    Talking Re: How Do You Get Out of the National Guard

    Something you could chew around in your head...the military has a something called, "conflict of interest" it allows you to get out of the military due to a conflict in interest...for example...if you inherit $1,000,000 from Uncle Ted, then you could op to get out of the military for "conflict of interest".

    So go win the lottery.

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