(attn: I know this is long, but its important to me, so please offer anything you can, and try to be understanding)

My question involves defamation in the state of: MT

First off let me state that what i am about to lay out here is not your typical case, certainly not cut and dry. There are currently three differant cases being persued by one person, whose motivation is personally questionable. The allegations are as follows: Statutory rape, Rape, and Sexual abuse. I will address each allegation, only the Sexual abuse case is related to me, but i believe them to be related as you will soon see. My cousin is the alleged rapist in both other allegations. I will keep this as simple and concise as possible.

Statutory Rape: This allegation was filed nearly two years ago when my cousin was freshly 18, and a defense attorney was promptly hired. The allegation was filed by another family member on behalf of her daughter the alleged victim. As reported, My cousin, well call him C had been friends with a third cousin who we will call B. The two of them attended a movie on the night in question with some friends, the two decided that they did not like the movie and went for a "car ride". B proposes to C that they go to the local cemetary to park. While at the cemetary B and C are talking, and one of them, not known which, proposes to have intercourse. They both agree, and begin. This is where the stories differ, C says that B asked him to stop and he respected her wish and stopped without ejaculation. B says that when she asked C to stopped he wouldnt. C then drops B off at her home, and one month later charges are filed when the parent finds out about the action after overhearing a conversation between B and her friends.

Note: C was freshly 18 B was 14 nearly 15. C was born early, thus he was born with complications such as missing an internal body part that caused him to be on life support and undergo surgery at a young age, as well as be fed through a tube. I mention this because his mental age has always been notably lagging in development, thus explaining why he was hanging out with her. At first hearing of this case, i believed it to be wrong, but consensual, and felt my cousin may have to face time. As the case has developed it looks more and more like he will be let go with a lessoned learned, and of course probation im sure. As the first case has developed into a losing case, the mother has done something to cause me to question her judgement completely, and her motive. I am left wondering if B has been pressured, brainwashed, or forced into making the first statement, and here is why.

Rape: Cousin B happens to have a sister, we will call her A. A is the same age as C. As stated before, an accusation has been filed against C that he purportedly raped A at a family event four years prior when both parties were 15 possibly 16. It is alleged that C, A, and me were staying in a tent during this event where the allegation took place. A has written a statement that C raped her in the night, whilst i slept in the same tent. While i am sleeping she awakes to find C on top of her, C allegedly rapes A and she alleges that during the rape she screamed out to me for help. Although she claims before that i was sleeping, later in the statement she claims I witnessed the event, and did nothing to help her.

Sexual abuse: The mother now claims that I have sexually abused C, and this in turn explains why he has raped A and B. I am not sure what evidence the mother thinks she has against me, but I know in my heart of hearts that I am incapable of the disgust that she has accused me of doing. I have nothing to hide, and couldnt even conceive something like this. After getting news of this allegation I am in strong questioning of her motives, and strongly believe that she has propigated her children to become tools for her own attention seeking nature. And here is why. Apparently this string of allegations is not her first, yet they are being allowed. She also claims that her ex husband molested both of her daughters, whome may have been coerced into testifying against him.

If The first case i mentioned would have occured, and that was it, i would have been left with no other option but to love my cousin (C) that i grew up with and have been best friends with all my life, yet leave the deciding up to the courts. Now i feel i have no choice but to come to the conclusion that this woman needs serious medical attention, because I know what she filed against me was untrue, how do i know the rest isnt? The allegations against me will be proven untrue, obviously. This is my question. When the allegations are proven untrue, how do i go about legal recourse? Will the wrongful accusations have an affect on the other two cases? Will i have to pay out of pocket for this, or will i be reimbursed by her upon winning a case of legal recourse? I am now doubting that the first allegation even happened.She is on a war path to god knows where, and thats hell, and im not going down with her.

Thanks everyone for your understanding, and help on this complicated, odd, and unexpected burden placed on my family.