My question involves defamation in the state of: Ohio

I went on Medicaid a year and a half ago, and was assigned to a Medicaid HMO. I am in my 50's and had never been on Medicaid before. Within a few months, I had been seriously and permanently harmed by a doctor who did three unnecessary surgeries. (I was unable to sue him--long story.) I complained about him to the HMO. The HMO reported my complaint to my GP's office, and added a slanderous comment that I did not make. It was written into my patient record. They assigned a nurse case manager to me who used her position to malign my character and mental health to my medical providers. I was verbally abused by most of the doctors I saw for my injuries. Several parroted the same verbal abuse that the "nurse case manager" spoke to me. Doctors wrote untrue mental health diagnoses into my charts. It took me four and a half months to get the records of the nurse case manager. The records are filled with lies and distortions and character assassination. She wrote over a hundred pages from about eight conversations with me. My subsequent nurse case manager told me that she had spread it all over the office building that I was crazy and not sick. (My injuries are documented and severe.) I have proof of several HMO employees passing lies about me to care providers. I have spoken to lawyers but have not found one willing to represent a plaintiff against a Medicaid HMO. A lawyer told me today that I probably can only sue in "the court of claims" since this is like suing the state. Is this true? What is the court of claims? Do any lawyers represent this type of case? Does it sound like I have a case? Can Medicaid HMO's get by with destroying human beings because members cannot sue them? Thank you in advance.