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    Default Eviction Due to Amendment Rights

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: California

    So a child molester moved into my apartment builiding, and I let him know he was not wanted and we are watching him. I made flyers of printouts from "Meagan's law" with his picture and info, I passed them out to all our neighbors and our apartment manager went immediatly behind me grabbing them tearing them up, taking down the ones I put on doors, and she threatened to have me evicted and fined. She contacted the police, and the police said we could not harass the man, but had first ammendment rights to notify our neighbors and could pass notes only with the managers permission, which we did not get.

    Can I be evicted?

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    Default Re: Eviction Due to Ammendment Rights

    What does your lease say about posting flyers?

    If it says you can't without permission, and you've done so, and your landlord has not taken kindly to it? Yes, you can be evicted for violating your lease agreement. You can also be evicted for harassing your neighbor.

    Yes, you can tell your neighbors that a convicted sex offender lives in your community, but NO, you CAN NOT send him letters about how he's not welcome and had better watch out because you're watching him. That's harassment, and he can sue you and win.
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