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    Default Accident With Two Cars Turning

    My question involves a traffic accident in the State of: Arizona.

    Car A was traveling East. Car B was traveling West. The intersection was many lanes wide. Car A was in a left turn only. Car B was in a right turn only. Both cars turned about the same time into a short "road" that led to a parking lot. The short "road" was about 150 feet long and had two lanes. Car A remained in the left lane, car B did not remain in the right most lane, he immediately swung wide, into the side of car A. To clarify, had Car B remained in the right most lane, there would not have been an accident. The accident occured right at the begining of the road.

    Which car is at fault?

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    Default Re: Accident With Two Cars Turning

    My tentative response is that most of the fault, perhaps all, belongs with Car B. But I'm not certain of what happened. When you say the northbound road had "two lanes", you mean it had two northbound lanes? And are you suggesting that Car A was next to Car B when the collision occurred? What was the point of collision between the two cars - what part of Car B hit what part of Car A?

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